With over a decade of experience, and hours of broadcasted footage under my belt, I'm well equipped to handle any kind of stop-motion project.


(Re)thinking concepts, styles and stories for a variety of formats. Out-of-the-box and within the given freedom. The message will come across.


A drawing-style that is appealing and easy to convey; my design-work is used for commercials, storyboards, concept-art and character-design.



Up-to-date with modern a/v-technologies. Clients can be rest assured to have their media properly working on whatever medium they'll see fit.


  • Munya in Me.

    Ten-year-old Munya loves food. She cooks and bakes her socks off for her critical mother who barely notices her sweet daughter. En route to the supermarket, Munya is badgered by children from the neighbourhood, who call her fat and ridicule her mother’s favourite TV programmes. The girl draws in her horns and feels deeply sad. Until her big rap idol gives her the strength to stand up for herself

    Duration: 20min

    Directed by Mascha Halberstad, I worked on this project as animator. For more information about this charming film visit  Superfelix

  • Trailer.

    A trailer is recorded on the set of a disaster movie that should entice a mass audience. But it turns out the staging and the voice-over, modelled on the American example, don’t go together well for the hero in the doomsday scenario.

    This short was shown before The Hunger Games Mockingjay – Part 1 in every Pathe cinema in the Netherlands

    Directed by Mascha Halberstad, I worked on this project as animator. For more information about this charming film visit  Superfelix


Words from clients

I know Elmer for over 10 years as a very nice person with many talents. He participated many times in our professional productions as an animator and designer. Together with these talents and his humor, he is a well seen person at Pedri Animation.

Creative Manager Pedri

Back in 2006 I was animated by Elmer for my first starring role with the short film “Mac and Roe”. Often Elmer pushed me to the limit of my capability, just for the sake of  getting a nice shot. With 15 second working-days I couldn’t handle the pressure anymore and decided to become a paper-press.


Elmer is a very friendly and efficient Animator. He is very rapid, finishes his shots always in time and rarely exceeds working hours. Most of the shots he did on my shortfilm “Emilie” are very beautiful.

Olivier Pesch

I’m not sure what to write yet. But it will be something positive.

Not participating in the social-media-frenzy but

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What's to know

About Elmer

Born in the ninth hour of the ninth day of the ninth month, nineteenseventyfour. Besides wanting to become superhero, astronaut, inventor, magician, programmer, painter, writer and racecardriver, till far up in my teens, I’ve always kept a large interest in movies and inventing stories for comics.

In my mid-twenties I took it upon me to get a degree in Image-, and Media-technologies in order beeing able to combine all above ambitions by making stop-motion-animation. Up till now I’ve been working on a variety of animation-projects throughout Europe, independent shorts, commercials and television-series for which I’ve had the roll of animator, director, storyboard-artist or designer.

I’m always on the look-out to participate on challenging creative projects driven by awesome people.


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